Topps Living Set

Welcome to the WaxPackHero Living Set page. This is your home news, the photo checklist, and the story of my very own Topps Living Set collection.

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Week of 10/2/2019-

244 Honus Wagner
245 Zach Plesac
246 Mitch Garver

The Topps Living Set started with these three cards.

The Topps Living Set started with these three cards.

The Living Set Basics

Just as the 2018 MLB season was getting ready to kick off, Topps announced the release of a baseball card set which would provide a completely new collecting experience.

This page shares the basics of The Living Set. Inside you will find the background, key stats, and discussion on how to get started building the set.


Photo Checklist and Print Runs

Inside you can find the Topps Living Photo Checklist along with the print run info for each card. Each photo is a scan from my physical Topps Living Set collection!

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The Deep Dive

The Living Set Blog will let us explore the set at another level! This is where the Topps Living Set Stats analysis is found. Inside we’ll also discuss my experiences in building the set, card values, collecting strategies, team distribution and more!