7 Awesome Kris Bryant Baseball Cards (for less than $15)

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about seven awesome Mike Trout cards in my collection that can be found at cheap prices.  In part two of the series, I’ve chosen Kris Bryant to focus  on!  We have about five years worth of cards to choose from, and I hope you enjoy the cards I’ve selected.  All of them can be found for less than $15 on eBay, Amazon, or Sportlots.


1) 2014 Bowman Chrome


Let’s start with Bryant’s “1st Bowman” card from the 2014 Set.  The highly touted, fresh faced, Cubs third basemen was finally getting his first Bowman Chrome card.  Well, it was kind of his first Bowman.  He actually had a card in the 2013 Draft set, which was Bowman….and Chrome.  So it seems the reason for the “1st Bowman” label on the 2014 version is a bit of a mystery!  Regardless, it is his first card in the flagship Bowman set and is one of the most  collectible Bryant releases.

2) 2016 Topps Heritage

The 2016 Topps Heritage set brings back the 1967 design, and the Kris Bryant card from the set go a step farther by using a photo of him in a throwback uniform.  It also displays the vintage All-Star Rookie trophy.  I much prefer the full trophy image used in the 60s to the current “cup” image on today’s cards.  The vintage look and feel of Heritage make it one of my favorite sets each year, and I can’t find one thing about this card I don’t like.

3) 2017 Bowman Chrome “1992 Design” Insert

Cubs Manager, Joe Maddon, likes to keep things interesting and loose, so in 2016 when the players were instructed to don “Wacky Road Trip Suits” it wasn’t much of a shock.  This Bowman card captures Bryant in his Stars and Stripes jacket and tie, and provides a unique photo to the set.  I love how gives us a snapshot of what “off the field” life was like for the Cubs during that 2016 season. I wonder what people will be thinking when they look at this photo 30 years from now?  Will they have the context of Joe Maddon and his crazy suit themed week, or will they just sit there with confused looks on their faces?

4) 2018 Topps “1983 design” Silver Pack Chrome

Wow, what a title.  There is no easy name for these cards.  Collector’s who purchased hobby boxes of 2018 Topps packs received a bonus “silver pack” of chrome cards which had the 1983 design to celebrate the 35th anniversary of that release.  The combination of the mid-swing action photo and the classic KB smile in the inset portrait make it one of my favorites.  Every time I see that classic 1983 purple stripe on a card it brings my mind straight to the Ryne Sandberg rookie.  Now, when I see the 2018 version, I think of this Bryant card.

5) 2016 Topps National Baseball Card Day

The photo of this card shows Bryant with his arms fully extended during his followthrough, watching a ball fly. Was it a home run?  A long fly out?  I don’t know the outcome, but I know I love the card.  It was a bonus giveaway card from the 2016 National Baseball card day promotion, and was not issued directly in packs.  It is not necessarily rare, but it was originally only available from hobby shops which means most collectors had to pick it up on the secondary market.  Your local Target pack searcher could cherry pick all these!

6) 2017 Stadium Club Kris Bryant

The 2017 Stadium Club Bryant is another in the “retro” theme I love so much.  The card pictures Bryant standing in the dugout with his baby blue uniform.  As a little bonus, his partner across the infield, Anthony Rizzo is next to him on the bench.  The only thing that could make this card better would be a Cubs background instead of the A’s.

7) 2017 Donruss “Retro ’83”

Yes, I know what you’re thinking….another retro card?  Yes, yes it is.  We already looked at a Bryant in the ’83 Topps design, and now we’ll take a look at the Donruss version.  One of the Donruss subsets in the 2017 Release was a 50 card 1983 style tribute.  I love the design and the dirty uniform, action style photo, but oh how I wish Donruss could use logos.  


So there you have it.  Seven of my favorite Kris Bryant cards you can find for under $15.  Actually, most of these can be found for less than $5.  Pick some up on eBay, Amazon, or Sportlots.!

When we did this a couple weeks ago, I enjoyed hearing from some of you on your favorite Trout cards.  Please take a second to let me know some of your other Bryant favorites as well!